Friday, January 1, 2010

Noah's ark. An unbelievable story.

Noah built an ark

Q. Yes way? No way?

A. No way.

In general the human mind is always ready to listen to a story. From the time that we were small children and for the rest of our lives we are suckers for good stories coming from our parents, friends, books, magazines or television and radio news readers. We normally and generally accept them as being the truth, without doubting or questioning, simply because we have no reason not to believe the teller. However if, at a later date, we decide to scrutinize the details we can sometimes conclude that what we were told simply wasn't and can't be the truth.

Noah's story is one of those and to better understand what I mean I invite you to read the following text which is an extract from an unpublished manuscript called: ' The legend of Jesus ',copyright 2008 by Jean-Paul Gosselin

The ark

If one man was ever given the small end of the stick and who needed the union in the shop, in the bible story, it was no one else but Noah.

The man, it is written, was ordered by god to build a three hundred cubits or five hundred feet long by fifty cubits or eighty-three feet wide and thirty cubits or fifty feet high boat and to fill the cracks between the planks with pitch, inside and out. He also had to fill the bottom section with stone ballast for proper stability on water, build three decks divided into stalls and add a cover on top of all this. That boat had to be built using gopher wood which had yet to be harvested, cut into planks and dried.

Furthermore the man had to go to the arctic to coax a couple of ferocious polar bears to follow him to Antarctica to pick two cute penguins and to Arizona to bag two deadly rattle snakes. His hasty travels also took him to India for a pair of man-eating tigers, to Kenya where he found elephants and to many other places on earth. In order to properly take care of that menagerie he had to gather an enormous amount of feed that would last for the period of time that they would be in the ark.

One of the last things that Noah had to do before it started to rain was to make a half-dozen shovels to be used to throw the manure overboard if he didn't want to end up knee-deep in it after spending three hundred and seventy-five days in the ark.

And according to the story, god had told him that all that work had to be done in seven days. Boy what a contract that was. The man could have been given a break don't you think? He was six hundred years old after all!

Did Noah really build his ark as the bible wants us to believe?

It's for you to judge Pauline.

Reference: The Holy Bible. Authorized ( King James ) version.

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