Monday, November 1, 2010

Prostitution 101. It's about time we protect women.

Prostitution should be legalized

Q. Yes way. A. No way.

A. Yes way.

When no written record exists about an event that’s happened in the past, there’s then a complete absence of history. Some people will content themselves to trust a legend of the happening but in this case you can’t find either one.

One day someone said that prostitution is the oldest trade in the history of man but I have my doubts on that statement. Surely home building must have come before but it doesn’t really matter. However one thing is sure in my mind. Some day, some guy must have offered a woman a chicken or a goat skin if she accepted to have sex with him and she did. ‘Bingo’ prostitution was born. It’s my guess that, after word got around, that woman became the biggest egg retailer at the village market. Or did it start when some caveman offered the woman in the next cave his freshly caught rabbit if she had sex with him, making the above statement true. I don’t know and don’t really care but the fact remains that prostitution is a serious problem today in our towns and cities.

On the serious side prostitution renders a needed service to certain members of the human kind and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. What is very improper and in my view, immoral to a certain point, is when this sort of business is conducted on the street. My objection to street prostitution is three folds. Fist and foremost our children are too precious to us that we can continue to allow the proper authorities to tolerate such practices. There’s an age to learn about everything in life and seven or eight years old is definitely not the age for our children to be witnesses to sexual acts taking place in the neighborhood public park.

My second concern with this practice concerns the violence done to women by unscrupulous pimps who, for no reason, beat them up and fill them up with drugs, supposedly for their own good. Those bastards are sometimes caught and given a small fine or a short jail term and are soon back on the street ready to abuse women again. It really burns my ass to realize how the justice system treats those guys so well. On the other hand my blog wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t talk about the “Johns“ who, sometimes, beat or aggress those women in one way or another. As an example one man in Vancouver, Canada was recently condemned to life imprisonment for killing forty-nine (you read right) of those women. The son of a bitch said that he wanted to get to fifty before he stopped.

The third reason as to why prostitution shouldn’t be carried out and even less tolerated on the streets is the devaluation of property in the areas where it’s practiced. People have paid good money for homes in neighborhoods where they thought that they could live safely and peacefully and their dream shouldn’t be allowed to vanish so easily and carelessly.

What my suggestion is in answer to this grave problem is that municipal governments should be involved in making the rules and supervising brothels with wide hallways in which you would find rooms on each side with large ( Amsterdam red light district style ) windows in front of which the woman could sit and be seen. If a guy likes her looks, he goes in, they negotiate and if they come to an understanding, she pulls the curtains shut and does what has to be done. Those hallways should also be patrolled by security guards to ascertain that no drug commerce or violence happens. The establishment would have to be inspected by government inspectors in the same manner as restaurants are inspected. In that sort of an establishment the women would have to pay rent for the rooms, would also pay income taxes on their income and be medically examined on a monthly basis at their own expense. It’s also more than likely that we could eliminate pimps, as well, with such a system. Simple isn’t it?

Do you find the suggestion unrealistic? I don’t as long as whatever sexual trade that is conducted on the street after the installation of such brothels is duly and properly punished in a way that anyone would think twice before doing it. We’ve tried everything else in the past and nothing has worked so far.

My next comment is addressed to the puritans of this great world of ours. Please get it in your head, ounce and for all, that prostitution has existed for thousands of years before you were born and that it’ll still be around thousands of years after you’ve gone. Instead of fighting it simply admit that it’s impossible to eliminate and try to find a serious, sensible and constructive solution to the problem of children being exposed to it and of women being aggressed because of it. Don’t be a sheep and endorse whatever it is that some priest or church minister tells you should be done about fighting prostitution. Have a backbone and fight along with others for transferring it from the sight of our children to somewhere where they won’t be exposed to it and where women will be protected from violence. Talk to the politicians that you’ve elected, they owe you a lot for your vote and the amount of taxes that they burden you with and if they don’t respond to your request, shake their cage a little. After all they went into politics on their own. You didn’t force them.

What do you think?

Whether you agree with or have an objection to my blog, leave a comment. I’m open to favorable or unfavorable criticism and what you write might enlighten other readers or myself. Thank you.

Take this with you.

The guy joins the foreign legion and after six months in the desert, without having sex, asked his sergeant as to what he does for sex.

The answer came quickly. “I use the camel over there.”

The guy didn’t think much of the idea but after another six months he built a small ladder, climbed behind the camel and started to go at it when his sergeant walked by and said to him: “Don’t kill it son, I need it to go see the girls in the village.”

Have a swell day, stay relaxed, have a beer and don’t forget: keep smiling. Life is good. Buena la vida. La vie est belle.