Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Your soul, my soul. (A pure invention)

Everyone has a soul.

 Q. Yes way? No way?

 A. No way.

The three monotheistic religions of this world have succeeded in convincing their followers that they have “a soul” and that that soul has to be pure in order to be admitted into heaven after death. If that supposed soul is so important in the after-life of the followers of those religions, you’d be inclined to think that that soul would be an integral part of all human beings and be present at the exact moment of everyone’s conception, but that’s not the case.

For the muslims, allaah sends an angel to breathe the soul into the foetus some one hundred and twenty days after conception. (Reported by Muslim, 1528).

As far as the jews are concerned, the time at which the soul enters the body isn’t specified but the belief that it exists is considered.

Of course, in order for the human being to acquire its soul, the catholic (christian) church had to make it a costly ceremony and if a person wasn’t baptized, he or she didn’t have a soul. The catholic church has always been the champion of costly ceremonies in order to bring as much money as it could into its coffers.

If you haven’t been baptized (in order to acquire a soul), you’re considered by that church to be very low as a human being, so low in fact that you’re considered to be close to nothing. At the time when the Spanish conquistadors enslaved Central and South American Indians in order to make them work in gold and silver mines, Charles V, king of that era, wrote the pope and asked him if it was proper “christian behavior” to do that. The pope, in all his greatness, answered that it was ok “because those people didn’t have a soul” (in other words, they hadn’t been baptized). Of course, besides the king and the catholic church of Spain, the church headquarters in Rome received its cut of the treasure as well.

I was born in Quebec City in nineteen forty-one and in those years the baby was, the day after its birth, taken from the hospital to the church in order to be baptized. What was the reason given? If the baby died before being baptized, it would die without a soul and would have to spend time in purgatory before being allowed to go to heaven. What was the real reason? At that time there were still a fair amount of babies who died soon after birth and when it happened, the catholic church lost the potential revenue that that person would have provided during his or her existence. The churche’s reasoning? Why not get income from that child’s parents right now in case he or she dies soon. Amassing as much money as possible has always and will always be that church’s (business) mentality.

In the reality of life your soul is no more than what is commonly called your conscience which is part of your brain. It allows everyone the capacity to judge right from wrong, and this, starting at quite a young age. When your body dies, your brain does too and so does your conscience. Everything slowly rots in the earth and all is well. Somebody else with his or her own conscience has already taken your place and might, unfortunately, be brainwashed and programmed to be a believer in the god of the bible and to also make those churches even richer.

© 2011 Jean-Paul Gosselin

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Take this with you.

A middle aged woman has a heart attack and is taken to the hospital. While on the operating table she has a near death experience. During that experience she sees God and asks if this is it.

God says no and explains that she has another 30 years to live. Upon her recovery she decides to just stay in the hospital and have a face lift, liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, etc.

She even has someone come in and change her hair color. She figures since she's got another 30 years she might as well make the most of it. She walks out of the hospital after the last operation and is killed by an ambulance.

She arrives in front of God and complains: "I thought you said I had another 30 years!!

God replies, "Sorry, I didn't recognize you."

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