Thursday, December 1, 2011

They still believed in god. ( What was wrong with them?)

Some people believe in god no matter what.

 Q. Yes way. No way.

 A. Yes way.

Ever since the catholic bible has been written, accusing the Jews of killing Jesus-Christ, those people have been discriminated against, stepped on, beaten, exiled, killed and incinerated. A group of them would establish a community in some European country and things would be fine for a short or relatively long period of time and then, for an unclear, somber reason evocated by some asshole, they would become unwanted overnight. “Good people”, Christians, would chase them out of their established homes and take possession of their belongings as if nothing had happened and as if it was their right to display such deranged behavior. Spain is a fine example of this madness under the reign of the very catholic queen Isabella. Of course, in treating this subject, we can’t forget Germany which at the time was under the guide of a certain dictator called: Adolf Hitler.

Some black people of this world were enslaved following tribal conflicts in Africa. I supposed that a certain percentage of vanquished warriors in any battle in the world, throughout history, ended in this situation as well. Black people captured other black people in Africa and sold them to white people who took them to the Americas in order to serve other white people as slaves. Their term of service was hard work, no pay, from the time that they were bought until the time of their death. During that period of service they were fed the strict necessary food that they needed to survive and punishment for real or imaginary infractions to the set code of life as a slave could be whipping, starving, or even death by shooting or hanging in order to show others an example. During all the time that slavery existed in the southern U.S.A. you never heard the Christian church (business) reprimand the slave owner on his morally unacceptable conduct and mentally twisted behavior because he would donate interesting sums of money to the local church in order to keep it happy and especially, quiet.

I’m the type of guy with a good sense of logic, a just as good analytic mind and a fairly good sense of understanding different situations. That’s just the way that I’m made, I suppose. However I must admit that I’m completely screwed-up concerning the following. How in the world could people who came out of Hitler’s concentration camps weighing eighty, ninety or one hundred pounds of skin and bones and on whose head their invisible, imaginary god had shit for so many years, could go back to adoring that bastard god?

How could people who had never been made aware of the supposed existence of an invisible, imaginary god before they were brought to the Americas decide, once they were freed, to build churches and make him their master after he had allowed white people to do what they had done to them? I don’t know what drives intelligent people to do things like that, it’s complete and utterly nonsense. I just don’t understand. If you’ve got an intelligent and reflected answer to my questioning please let me know of it.

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Take this with you.

Quickie in the bushes.

There are two statues in a park. One is of a nude woman and one of a nude man. They had faced each other, across a pathway, for one hundred years when one day a magician came to them and made them alive. He told them that their live state would last thirty minutes and invited them to do whatever that they wished to do.

The male takes the female’s hand and leads her amongst the nearby bushes. After fifteen minutes of laughing and giggling, the two come back where the magician was standing.

He asked them if they enjoyed themselves and they answered yes. He reminded them that they still had fifteen minutes to go and suggested that they can go back to the bushes if they so desired.

The male asked the female if she wanted to and she said: ”Yes” adding: ”This time you hold the pigeon and I’ll shit on its head”.

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