Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You catch the fish, you kill the fish. Stop the cruelty against animals.

The fish should be killed ounce caught.

Q. Yes way? No way?

A. Yes way.

Besides those who regularly go fishing for food, most of us have probably watched at least one television program on fishing in our life. Most of those programs are defined by so-called experts as being: “Sport fishing programs.” Sport fishing my ass, that sort of fishing should legitimately be called cruelty fishing.

To spend a few hours or even a whole day fishing in order to feed the family is quite a legitimate operation for any man or woman to do and, honestly, I take my hat off to those who have the patience and determination to do it. I say this because I don’t think that I could do that myself. If I were near starvation or liked fish very much however I, without any doubt in my mind, would be out there with a fishing pole in my hands trying my luck like many others.

To get back to the “ sport fishing programs” I’m surprised and even amazed to see the guys, in their small boats, enjoying themselves so much without giving a dam about the suffering that they cause to the fish whenever they decide to put it back into the water and let it live.

Hey guys, it’s not because the fish can’t emit sounds that your action of getting your damn hook out of its jaw doesn’t hurt it. Taking that hook out of its jaw, besides hurting like hell, leaves an ulcer, a gaping hole in it, a wound that will be untreated and probably take a few weeks to heal if no infection develops. Otherwise the wound could take a few months to completely disappear, if the infection doesn’t kill it first.

You know what? I’m going to suggest to you, sport fishermen, that you take one of your fish hooks and pass it all the way through your cheek. Now take that same hook out of your cheek by pulling and yanking in the same manner that you do with the fish.

You haven’t lost consciousness yet? I can see that your eyes are filled with tears and that you’re swearing your head off because of the excruciating pain that you’re causing your body. Still having fun? I don’t think so. However that’s exactly what you’re putting the fish through every time that you decide to let it live, with the exception that its eyes aren’t filled with tears and that you don’t hear it swear. But I’m quite convinced that if that fish could bite your ass, there would be a very big piece missing by the time it’s finished, and I couldn’t blame it.

I suppose that some of you can be excused because you’ve surely never thought of this situation in the way that I’ve just presented it to you so the next time, be nice to the fish. If you catch it, kill it!

Deep down inside of me I’m honestly surprised that the society for prevention of cruelty to animals or some organization for animal rights have never deemed it justified to try to stop this barbaric practice and to fine the offenders. Maybe some day those guys will wake up and correct a situation that badly needs to be corrected.

Follow up. After I published this blog on September 1st I sent a copy of it to animal protection organizations such as: PETA, Animal welfare institute, Animal concerns .org and eight different units of the SPCA and guess what. I received an answer from PETA that told me that I’m on my own on this. Another one from SPCAInternationnal asked for money in order to help bring dogs to the U.S.A. from Iraq and that’s it. I suppose that if it doesn’t concern a cute kitten or puppy, those organizations (partly supported by our donations ) just don’t give a damn as to the suffering that thousands of fish go through each year. Remind me not to give those organisations any more money in the future. Thanks to those who have read this blog and have informed their local animal caring organization.
I've also recieved an answer from the RoyalS.P.C.A. to which I had e-mailed a copy of the above article and I absolutely had to post their answer which is as follows: Thank you for your email and copy of your recent 'blog' content on the subject of angling.
We can confirm that the RSPCA believes that current practices in angling involve the infliction of pain and suffering on fish. You may or may not be aware that the Medway report and the report 'Pain and stress in fish' by Dr Kestin in 1994, proved to the satisfaction of the RSPCA that fish are capable of experiencing pain and suffering; subsequent reviews have confirmed the findings. The Society advocates that those anglers who see fit to pursue their activities adopt a code of practice based on this report.
In addition, the RSPCA is opposed to the use of lead in angling in view of the suffering and death caused to waterfowl. Since 1986 the supply and use in angling of a range of lead weights has been illegal. The regulations covered a wide range of the shot sizes used in angling but do not apply to lead weights and 0.06 grams or less (commonly referred to as dust shot) and weights of more than 28.35 grams (large leger weights). A variety of weights made of non-toxic materials have come on to the market to replace lead split shot in the size ranges covered by the law.

Thank you once again for taking the time to contact us.

Kind regards

RSPCA HQ Advice Team

Can you imagine a worse bunch of idiots? They needed a report that told them that fish can suffer like any other animal or man in order that they admit that they do. Absolutely no decision on positive action on their part. And to think that their organization is the origin for all animal protection in the world. Very decieving indeed.
My conclusion of all this is that as long as those "animal protection organizations" can't show the public the sufferring that thousands of fish go through, it's not happening. Great reasonning guys.

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