Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fatherly love. Forget father god's love.

All fathers love their children.

Q. Yes way? No way?
A. No way.

As a rule men who have reached maturity decide at one moment in their life that it would be a good idea for them to start a family.After finding the woman of their dreams they normally don't lose any time in having her pregnant and ounce the child is born it's sometimes funny to watch those new fathers on the first time that they take that frail, small baby in their arms, perhaps fearful of dropping it or to hurt it in any way. At certain times you'll see them acting like kids when talking to or playing with the pride of his life. Those men are very happy and also very thankful to their mates for making them what they now are: brand new and very happy, proud dads.

It won't be a surprise to anyone to see them push the baby in a stroller around the neighborhood or to play with the child on the front lawn. And when their child has reached the proper age, you'll more than likely see them helping him or her to learn how to ride a bike. They'll also take their child to dance classes or baseball or football games and practices according to the child's gender or preference.

Most fathers are very protective of their precious children and would go to any lenght to make sure that nothing bad happens to them. Unfortunately there are always the exceptions to the rule and, in some cases, some just don't give a damn about what happens to them or worse, some go as far as to violently hurt them or sadly, even, kill them.

In order to understand exactly what I mean I invite you to read and reflect on the following text which is an extract from an unpublished manuscript called: " The legend of Jesus ", copyright 2008, by Jean-Paul Gosselin.

We've been told since we were small children that the god in the bible story is the ever-loving father of all human beings.

If he really is what we've been told that he is why then did he save only four people from Sodom and Gomorrah? Why did he burn thousands of six months old babies and six year old children and everyone in between?

When the god of the bible caused the worldwide deluge to happen why did he save the cats, the dogs, the monkeys and only eight people and drowned millions of six month old babies and six year old children and everyone in between? Why? Why? What did those children do to him that deserved to be exterminated in such a cruel. senseless and atrocious manner?

Would any loving parents in their right mind burn or drown their own cherished children for any reason at all?

It's for you to judge Pauline.

What do you think?

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Take this with you.

Two women were working on their developping freindship when one asked the other if she was married.
" I'm a three-time widow " the second one answered.
" wow " was the first woman's reaction. "What did the first one die of? " She asked.
" From eating poisonned mushrooms ". She said.
" Ah, and the second one? "
" From eating poisonned mushrooms ". Was her second answer.
" I suppose that the third one died fron eating poisonned mushrooms as well " stated the first woman.
" No " answered the widow." He died from a skull fracture "
" Was he in a car accident? "
" No, he didn't want to eat his poisonned mushrooms "

Have a swell day, stay relaxed, have a beer and don't forget; keep smiling. Life is good. Buena la vida. La vie est belle.