Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Open the window

We all want our house to smell good.

Q. Yes way. No way.

A. Yes way.

The above statement is quite true but the final result shouldn’t be reached to the detriment of the eventual degradation of your health or that of your children’s. There isn’t a day that goes by during which we can view at least one television commercial promoting the advantages of using some spray or other apparatus of synthetic sent distribution that is supposed to make our home smell good. More often than should be the viewers of that sort of advertizing are people who have never lived at a time during which those products didn’t exist and who don’t stop to think and realize that the suggested products are chemicals that shouldn’t be allowed to cross the entrance to their house. Don’t think either that those products aren’t used by older people who should know better. In too many cases they are indeed.

You’ve probably never thought of it this way but your skin can be compared to a fisherman’s net, the thousands of pores on it are similar to the holes found in the net. Whenever you spray a chemically produced, so-called, air-refresher in order to change the smell in your house, the particles contained in it are very light and will float in the air for quite some time. First of all you and your children will invariably breathe them and once in your lungs it’s child play for them to go into your blood streams. Further more the particles will fall onto your skin, infiltrate the pores and it’s going to be the same destination for them, your blood streams. It’s also going to fall on whatever food is exposed like fruits in a bowl and will fall on the kitchen counter, furniture and the floors, leaving a film of chemicals that you and your children will eventually touch. After touching them the chemicals will follow the same and only trajectory that they can. Every time that you use one of those products instead of opening the window you INVARIABLY, SERIOUSLY and SEVERELY POLLUTE the air in your home. What’s ironic about this situation is that some people, who would strongly refuse to breathe second hand cigarette smoke, think nothing of using those products. Unbelievably true a woman, whom I know, even told me that she sprays Febreeze between the sheets in her bed. Are you starting to get the idea of what I’m trying instill in your mind? I think so. NO CHEMICALS IN MY HOUSE. MY HEALTH AND THAT OF MY CHILDREN ARE FAR TOO IMPORTANT. The preceding should definitely become your motto for life.

Back in two thousand-six there was a study done somewhere in the U.S.A. and about which I’ve unfortunately lost the results. The study involved ten so called air fresheners of different models including plug-ins, slow release type and, if my memory is good, scented candles which are all made with chemical products. Of the ten, I clearly remember, that two contained Formaldehyde. I’ve included a short text in this article but if you want to learn more about it, google the name and you’ll have all the desired information.

• Formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable, strong-smelling chemical that is used in building materials and to produce many household products (see Question 1).

• Formaldehyde sources in the home include pressed-wood products, cigarette smoke, and fuel-burning appliances (see Question 2).

• When exposed to formaldehyde, some individuals may experience various short-term effects (see Question 3).

• Formaldehyde has been classified as a known human carcinogen (cancer-causing substance) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and as a probable human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (see Question 4).

• Research studies of workers exposed to formaldehyde have suggested an association between formaldehyde exposure and several cancers, including nasopharyngeal cancer and leukemia (see Question 5).

It’s very easy and less expensive to open your window when you wish refresh the air in your home and also much less damaging to your health and that of your children.

Now I’m going to suggest that you close your windows. I can read your thoughts right now like: can’t that guy make up his mind? Or is he trying to drive us nuts? It’s neither one but someday I might enjoy trying to drive you nuts, ha, ha. No I wouldn’t seriously think of doing something like that to you.

This part of my blog is particularly directed to people who live in farming communities. During my teenage years I’ve lived on a farm during a period that lasted between two and three years. What I’ve observed there deranged me a little even at that young age. Every time that a farmer spread chemical fertilizer I couldn’t help but notice that a cloud of white powder formed at the back of the spreader and that it was carried by the wind for some distance and if there was a house in its trajectory, part of that cloud would invariably land inside of I, if the windows and door were open. It would land on everything in that house including; furniture, floors and food, adults and children who were present in it. I sometimes wondered through the years if people were ever affected by it until I read an article written by a doctor who mentioned that children from farming areas, at times, came to the hospital where he worked with weird diseases. Need I say more?

My next concern has to do with bath and tile cleaners. The makers of VIM have presently a commercial on television in which it’s claimed that it leaves an invisible shield on surfaces, making them easier to upkeep. Another commercial, this one by the makers of Scrubbing Bubbles, says that the famous bubbles keep on cleaning for four days after you’ve used the product. LOVELY, just bloody, LOVELY that is. This means that the next time that you’ll bathe or that you’ll give your young child a bath in the tub, you’ll both be cleaning your bodies in a soup made of chemicals. Can’t you just wait to be and feel chemically clean? Isn’t this a great prospect for your future health and that of your children? I’m not so sure my friends.

One more point and I promise that this is the last one. It has to do with an ad by the makers of Lysol who are pushing some sort of hand soap for children, claiming that it kills all bacteria. Don’t be fooled! By watching their ads directed towards children, in the past, I know very well that that company just doesn’t give a damn about them. What’s important to them is the bottom line on their profit sheet. Any regular, non chemical, hand soap will do the trick as far as you and your children are concerned. It’s quite simple.

I lied. Your favorite blogger has lied to you. Hang him from the highest tree people. THIS is the very LAST item that I want to talk about today and it has to do with the chemical spraying of lawns. For obvious reasons don’t do it, please don’t. Your kids will be healthier someday because you took the right decision.

Why am I writing on this subject this month? You might wonder. I have in front of me the report of a study that was conducted on the umbilical cords of ten babies by the Environmental Working Group located in the U.S.A. Those babies were born between the months of August and September of tow thousand-four and the results indicated that their bodies, at birth, contained two hundred and eighty-seven (287) different chemical products, one hundred and eighty (180) of them being carcinogen agents in both humans and animals. Two hundred and seven-teen (217) are toxic on the brain and the nervous system and two hundred and eight (208) cause malformations in animals.

All of this to say that the little bundle of love that you gave birth to a week, a month or a year ago isn’t really a bundle of love. It’s rather a bundle of chemicals wrapped up in a baby skin and is the direct result of the bad habits described above plus the abuse in the consumption of chemical medications. I rest my case.

© 2010 Jean-Paul Gosselin

Note: While you’re here, take time to read the article titled: “Clean your house”.

What do you think?

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Take this with you.

Why is there an unbroken white line dividing hallways in halves in government buildings?

It’s so that the personnel coming in late for work doesn’t get in the way of those quitting work early.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Prostitution 101. It's about time we protect women.

Prostitution should be legalized

Q. Yes way. A. No way.

A. Yes way.

When no written record exists about an event that’s happened in the past, there’s then a complete absence of history. Some people will content themselves to trust a legend of the happening but in this case you can’t find either one.

One day someone said that prostitution is the oldest trade in the history of man but I have my doubts on that statement. Surely home building must have come before but it doesn’t really matter. However one thing is sure in my mind. Some day, some guy must have offered a woman a chicken or a goat skin if she accepted to have sex with him and she did. ‘Bingo’ prostitution was born. It’s my guess that, after word got around, that woman became the biggest egg retailer at the village market. Or did it start when some caveman offered the woman in the next cave his freshly caught rabbit if she had sex with him, making the above statement true. I don’t know and don’t really care but the fact remains that prostitution is a serious problem today in our towns and cities.

On the serious side prostitution renders a needed service to certain members of the human kind and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. What is very improper and in my view, immoral to a certain point, is when this sort of business is conducted on the street. My objection to street prostitution is three folds. Fist and foremost our children are too precious to us that we can continue to allow the proper authorities to tolerate such practices. There’s an age to learn about everything in life and seven or eight years old is definitely not the age for our children to be witnesses to sexual acts taking place in the neighborhood public park.

My second concern with this practice concerns the violence done to women by unscrupulous pimps who, for no reason, beat them up and fill them up with drugs, supposedly for their own good. Those bastards are sometimes caught and given a small fine or a short jail term and are soon back on the street ready to abuse women again. It really burns my ass to realize how the justice system treats those guys so well. On the other hand my blog wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t talk about the “Johns“ who, sometimes, beat or aggress those women in one way or another. As an example one man in Vancouver, Canada was recently condemned to life imprisonment for killing forty-nine (you read right) of those women. The son of a bitch said that he wanted to get to fifty before he stopped.

The third reason as to why prostitution shouldn’t be carried out and even less tolerated on the streets is the devaluation of property in the areas where it’s practiced. People have paid good money for homes in neighborhoods where they thought that they could live safely and peacefully and their dream shouldn’t be allowed to vanish so easily and carelessly.

What my suggestion is in answer to this grave problem is that municipal governments should be involved in making the rules and supervising brothels with wide hallways in which you would find rooms on each side with large ( Amsterdam red light district style ) windows in front of which the woman could sit and be seen. If a guy likes her looks, he goes in, they negotiate and if they come to an understanding, she pulls the curtains shut and does what has to be done. Those hallways should also be patrolled by security guards to ascertain that no drug commerce or violence happens. The establishment would have to be inspected by government inspectors in the same manner as restaurants are inspected. In that sort of an establishment the women would have to pay rent for the rooms, would also pay income taxes on their income and be medically examined on a monthly basis at their own expense. It’s also more than likely that we could eliminate pimps, as well, with such a system. Simple isn’t it?

Do you find the suggestion unrealistic? I don’t as long as whatever sexual trade that is conducted on the street after the installation of such brothels is duly and properly punished in a way that anyone would think twice before doing it. We’ve tried everything else in the past and nothing has worked so far.

My next comment is addressed to the puritans of this great world of ours. Please get it in your head, ounce and for all, that prostitution has existed for thousands of years before you were born and that it’ll still be around thousands of years after you’ve gone. Instead of fighting it simply admit that it’s impossible to eliminate and try to find a serious, sensible and constructive solution to the problem of children being exposed to it and of women being aggressed because of it. Don’t be a sheep and endorse whatever it is that some priest or church minister tells you should be done about fighting prostitution. Have a backbone and fight along with others for transferring it from the sight of our children to somewhere where they won’t be exposed to it and where women will be protected from violence. Talk to the politicians that you’ve elected, they owe you a lot for your vote and the amount of taxes that they burden you with and if they don’t respond to your request, shake their cage a little. After all they went into politics on their own. You didn’t force them.

What do you think?

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Take this with you.

The guy joins the foreign legion and after six months in the desert, without having sex, asked his sergeant as to what he does for sex.

The answer came quickly. “I use the camel over there.”

The guy didn’t think much of the idea but after another six months he built a small ladder, climbed behind the camel and started to go at it when his sergeant walked by and said to him: “Don’t kill it son, I need it to go see the girls in the village.”

Have a swell day, stay relaxed, have a beer and don’t forget: keep smiling. Life is good. Buena la vida. La vie est belle.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Jesus didn't look like that. You've really been fooled.

Jesus looked as the Christian church presents him.

Q. Yes way? No way?

A. No way.

If I asked one thousand, one million or one hundred million Christians to describe the way that Jesus looked when he was supposedly alive I would surely have the same answer from everyone; brown hair, blue eyes, brown beard and those people would be right in their mind but completely wrong in the reality of life. Who could blame them? The only description that they’ve ever been given of a living Jesus, all of their life, has come from one of their church salespersons (priests or ministers) who are there to insure that followers believe what they want them to believe in order to collect as much money as they can from every single one of them.

Hi! If you’re reading this blog it’s surely because the title caught your eye and that you’re curious enough to find out as to what I have to say on the subject. Before I go any further, I feel that I must first congratulate you for being curious because curious people learn more things than their non-curious counterparts and I sincerely hope that you’ll be happy to go to sleep tonight with a little more knowledge.

It doesn’t really matter that you’re a practicing Christian or a convert to atheism, I’m sure that after you’ve finished reading this blog, you’ll never see Jesus in the same way that you’ve ever done before and that you’ll ask yourself questions as to why you were lied to by priests or ministers for so many years.

Next to the curiosity in your mind you must surely think that a guy like me, who’s going against such popular beliefs, mustn’t have all of his marbles. Well it’s that I’ve learned in the past that if you repeat something often enough, long enough and on a constant basis, you’ll eventually have some people who will believe you, no matter what it is that you say. As an example there’s a group of people in the U.S.A. that, after being told so many times that the moon landing of July nineteen sixty-nine by U.S. astronauts is a hoax, actually believes it is so. There’s another group in the same country that believes that the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the two NYC World Trade Center towers along with the one on the Pentagon building in Arlington County, Virginia were an inside job. Those people have also been told this many times and believe what they’ve been told. That’s how successful publicity on television, radio and in paper form works, repetition, repetition, repetition, a method that was picked-up, in the past, by advertisers from studying the Christian churches’ methods of operation.

I now invite you to read the following which is an extract from an unpublished manuscript called: “The legend of Jesus “, © 2008 by Jean-Paul Gosselin. Read it carefully and take time to reflect on it. You’ll soon realize that what you’ve read isn’t so crazy after all. Enjoy!


The businessmen who started the mind dominating, very lucrative, tax-exempt business called the catholic (Christian) religion in Europe were amazing marketing geniuses for their time and “attractive packaging” was one of their most impressive realization.

In the bible, written by and for the catholic (Christian) church, we are told that Jesus was born in Palestine. The people born there are Arabs and physical characteristics of Arab men born in non-mixed families (I’m sure that there were no mixed families in the small, backward village of Nazareth at the time when Jesus was supposedly conceived) are that they all have BLACK hair, BLACK eyes and BLACK beards. Have you ever seen a painting or statue of any biblical figure (including Jesus) represented by that church, bearing those features? No.

Instead all of them display brown hair, brown or blue eyes and, in the case of men, brown beards and all of them (take a good look at them) are represented as being so damn good looking (Hollywood style ) that you can’t see a crooked nose or a crossed eye on any of them. Hum.

Had Leonardo, a man who had a mind of his own, spent time in Palestine I can guaranty you that his painting of the last supper would look much different from what it actually does.

Do you suppose that they did that in order to have an easier time selling their story and developing their business in Europe?

It’s for you to judge Pauline.

What do you think?

Whether you agree with or have an objection to my blog, leave a comment. I’m open to favorable or unfavorable criticism and what you write might enlighten other readers or myself. Thank you.

Take this with you.

The man and his wife go to see the chief instructor at the ski resort for another lesson and ask him if they can have the same instructor that they had the previous weekend.

“ What’s his name? “ he asked.

“ We can’t remember?”

“What does he look like?”

“We can’t remember that either but we do remember that he had two assholes” said the woman.

“Two assholes, hey. How so?”

“Well”, said the man. “When we were coming down the slope with him last Saturday, a fellow instructor asked him: How are you doing with your two ass holes?”

Have a swell day, stay relaxed, have a beer and don’t forget: keep smiling. Life is good. Buena la vida. La vie est belle.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You catch the fish, you kill the fish. Stop the cruelty against animals.

The fish should be killed ounce caught.

Q. Yes way? No way?

A. Yes way.

Besides those who regularly go fishing for food, most of us have probably watched at least one television program on fishing in our life. Most of those programs are defined by so-called experts as being: “Sport fishing programs.” Sport fishing my ass, that sort of fishing should legitimately be called cruelty fishing.

To spend a few hours or even a whole day fishing in order to feed the family is quite a legitimate operation for any man or woman to do and, honestly, I take my hat off to those who have the patience and determination to do it. I say this because I don’t think that I could do that myself. If I were near starvation or liked fish very much however I, without any doubt in my mind, would be out there with a fishing pole in my hands trying my luck like many others.

To get back to the “ sport fishing programs” I’m surprised and even amazed to see the guys, in their small boats, enjoying themselves so much without giving a dam about the suffering that they cause to the fish whenever they decide to put it back into the water and let it live.

Hey guys, it’s not because the fish can’t emit sounds that your action of getting your damn hook out of its jaw doesn’t hurt it. Taking that hook out of its jaw, besides hurting like hell, leaves an ulcer, a gaping hole in it, a wound that will be untreated and probably take a few weeks to heal if no infection develops. Otherwise the wound could take a few months to completely disappear, if the infection doesn’t kill it first.

You know what? I’m going to suggest to you, sport fishermen, that you take one of your fish hooks and pass it all the way through your cheek. Now take that same hook out of your cheek by pulling and yanking in the same manner that you do with the fish.

You haven’t lost consciousness yet? I can see that your eyes are filled with tears and that you’re swearing your head off because of the excruciating pain that you’re causing your body. Still having fun? I don’t think so. However that’s exactly what you’re putting the fish through every time that you decide to let it live, with the exception that its eyes aren’t filled with tears and that you don’t hear it swear. But I’m quite convinced that if that fish could bite your ass, there would be a very big piece missing by the time it’s finished, and I couldn’t blame it.

I suppose that some of you can be excused because you’ve surely never thought of this situation in the way that I’ve just presented it to you so the next time, be nice to the fish. If you catch it, kill it!

Deep down inside of me I’m honestly surprised that the society for prevention of cruelty to animals or some organization for animal rights have never deemed it justified to try to stop this barbaric practice and to fine the offenders. Maybe some day those guys will wake up and correct a situation that badly needs to be corrected.

Follow up. After I published this blog on September 1st I sent a copy of it to animal protection organizations such as: PETA, Animal welfare institute, Animal concerns .org and eight different units of the SPCA and guess what. I received an answer from PETA that told me that I’m on my own on this. Another one from SPCAInternationnal asked for money in order to help bring dogs to the U.S.A. from Iraq and that’s it. I suppose that if it doesn’t concern a cute kitten or puppy, those organizations (partly supported by our donations ) just don’t give a damn as to the suffering that thousands of fish go through each year. Remind me not to give those organisations any more money in the future. Thanks to those who have read this blog and have informed their local animal caring organization.
I've also recieved an answer from the RoyalS.P.C.A. to which I had e-mailed a copy of the above article and I absolutely had to post their answer which is as follows: Thank you for your email and copy of your recent 'blog' content on the subject of angling.
We can confirm that the RSPCA believes that current practices in angling involve the infliction of pain and suffering on fish. You may or may not be aware that the Medway report and the report 'Pain and stress in fish' by Dr Kestin in 1994, proved to the satisfaction of the RSPCA that fish are capable of experiencing pain and suffering; subsequent reviews have confirmed the findings. The Society advocates that those anglers who see fit to pursue their activities adopt a code of practice based on this report.
In addition, the RSPCA is opposed to the use of lead in angling in view of the suffering and death caused to waterfowl. Since 1986 the supply and use in angling of a range of lead weights has been illegal. The regulations covered a wide range of the shot sizes used in angling but do not apply to lead weights and 0.06 grams or less (commonly referred to as dust shot) and weights of more than 28.35 grams (large leger weights). A variety of weights made of non-toxic materials have come on to the market to replace lead split shot in the size ranges covered by the law.

Thank you once again for taking the time to contact us.

Kind regards

RSPCA HQ Advice Team

Can you imagine a worse bunch of idiots? They needed a report that told them that fish can suffer like any other animal or man in order that they admit that they do. Absolutely no decision on positive action on their part. And to think that their organization is the origin for all animal protection in the world. Very decieving indeed.
My conclusion of all this is that as long as those "animal protection organizations" can't show the public the sufferring that thousands of fish go through, it's not happening. Great reasonning guys.

© 2010 Jean-Paul Gosselin
What do you think?

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Take this with you.

Three guys get to the gates of heaven and St-Peter asks the fist one of what he died.

“I was in bed with a woman when her husband walked in on us. He grabbed me and threw me out of the 17th floor widow.”

St-Pete asked the following man the same question.

“I’m the guy who threw him out of the window and I was so mad that I threw the refrigerator out the window as well and died of a heart attack.”

The third man was asked the same question, to which he answered: “I was hiding in the refrigerator.”

Have a swell day, stay relaxed, have a beer and don’t forget: keep smiling. Life is good. Buena la vida. La vie est belle.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Clean your house. (Protect your children, they can't do it.)

You should keep your house clean.

Q. Yes way? No way?

A, yes way.

Most of us like to live in a clean, pleasant environment and that’s why we should make an effort to keep our house in that state but don’t sterilize it, it’s not a hospital operating room.

If we believe the television adds by the makers of CLR and Lysol all of us, in order to be healthy, should live in a bacteria and microbe free home. They recommend us to clean the kitchen, kitchen table and the bathroom with their disinfecting chemical products but have you looked closely at the hands using CLR in those adds? THEY WEAR RUBBER GLOVES and it’s recommended on the bottle to wear them. What should that instantly tell you? KEEP THAT SHIT OUT OF YOUR HOUSE.

Whenever you use a chemical product on any surface it leaves a film of that product on the surface that you’ve just supposedly cleaned. Have you ever watched your child when he or she decides to have a slice of bread with peanut butter? He or she will take the bread and place it directly on the counter or the table that has that chemical film on it. The product is transferred onto the bread and absorbed by your child. The product is also transferred to the child’s skin where he has touched the surface and immediately goes into his bloodstreams through his skin pores or through his mouth if he puts his fingers into it or on his eyes if he rubs them. The same thing happens whenever he touches those shiny water taps that you’re so proud of in the kitchen and the bathroom. Unintentionally, YOU’RE SCREWING UP YOUR CHILD’S HEALTH.

Whenever your kitchen counter or table or bathroom vanity need to be washed, use a mild dishwashing soap and water and it does the trick. If it only needs to be wiped use a damp cloth.

If you want a shiny kitchen sink or water taps use cleansing powder. It works fine and you end up with the desired results without putting your children’s health and yours in danger.

The makers of Lysol put so much emphasis on and are so aggressive about germs versus kids that I wouldn’t be surprised at all to, one day, hear them recommend us to bathe our children in their product.

Think of it sensibly, cavemen used a stone or the ground as a table and none of them died because of germs present there and when I was a kid in the nineteen forties the two products that I recommend were all that we had and kids were all very healthy.

I invite you to THINK TWICE about it when you decide to use chemical products in your kitchen or bathroom or the rest of your house. Think first of your children’s health. Good luck.

© 2010 Jean-Paul Gosselin

What do you think?

Whether you agree with or have an objection to my blog, leave a comment. I’m open to favorable or unfavorable criticism and what you write might enlighten other readers or myself. Thank you.

Take this with you.

I’ve never understood why medicine students have to study during seven years when all they have to remember are three sentences.

Take two aspirins and see me in the morning.

Push lady push. And,

Got a headache lady? Take your clothes off.

Have a swell day, stay relaxed, have a beer and don’t forget: keep smiling. Life is good. Buena la vida. La vie est belle.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Religious discrimination. (Unfair business competition.)

Discrimination exists in the religion business.

Q. Yes way? No way?

A. Yes way.

In today’s business practices discrimination doesn’t exist and companies merely compete by sometimes comparing their products to that of other companies, claiming that theirs is better and more effective.

The religion business being as financially rewarding as it is, the businessmen who started the catholic religion almost two thousand years ago were the dirtiest men ever to be in competition against. They didn’t pull any punches and had there been more than one known major religion business at that time, judging by what they wrote in their bible, they would have done their best to demolish every one of them.

In order to understand the true meaning of my thoughts I invite you to read the following which is an extract from an unpublished manuscript called: “The legend of Jesus”, © 2008 by Jean-Paul Gosselin.

The European businessmen who started the catholic religion were well aware that there existed a major religion in Palestine and that many of its partisans were already living in Europe but instead of fairly competing against it they chose to disgrace it by instilling in their followers’ mind that the people of that first faith were responsible for the death of Jesus, its star character, and they had the scene described in the bible and made very sure that everyone of it’s adherents knew about it.

Whenever a crowd is gathered anywhere it will not normally take action unless there is a leader to tell it what to do.

If we read Matthew’s verses twenty, twenty-one and twenty-two of chapter twenty-seven, it is said:

Verse twenty: But the chief priests and elders (instigators) persuaded the multitude that they should ask for Barabbas, and destroy Jesus.

Verse twenty-one: The governor answered and said onto them, Whether of the twain will ye that I release unto you? They said, Barabbas.

Verse twenty-two: Pilate saith unto them, What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ? They all say unto him, Let him be crucified.

Cute isn’t it? And that’s how they started their religion without having to compete against another one in order to gather all the available cash and vast lands that were available. It’s no wonder either that pius XII, the head of the loving, charitable, compassionate and forgiving catholic religion didn’t tell Hitler to stop his “final solution program” because he was, in the process, eliminating part of the church’s competition without asking anything in return.

Does one of the most read books in the world discriminate against another religion?

It’s for you to judge Pauline.

Reference: The holy bible. Authorized (king James) version.

What do you think?

Whether you agree with or have an objection to my blog, leave a comment. I’m open to favorable or unfavorable criticism and what you write might enlighten other readers or myself. Thank you.

Take this with you.

The canibal decides one day to teach his son as to how to cook.
He tells him to put the potatoes, carrots,  onions and the missionnary into the pot.
Before leaving to gather more wood he tells him to slowly stir the contents of the couldron.

Upon his return he sees that his son is stirring with excessive speed and asks him why he's doing so, after being told the contrary.

"Well dad I have no choice. If I go slow this guy eats all the potatoes.

Have a swell day, stay relaxed, have a beer and don't forget: keep smiling. Life is good. Buena la vida. La vie est belle.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cancer prevention. (Who knows? It might work.)

Cancer can be prevented.

Q. Yes way? No way? Maybe way?

A. Maybe way.

Some twenty years ago a group of coworkers, of which I was part, was having supper at a restaurant. Sitting next to me was a woman who told me that her husband had had a heart attack a few months back. She went on to tell me that his level of bad cholesterol was very high and that he had started taking daily doses of garlic pills in order to lower that level.

I didn’t have a high level of bad cholesterol in my blood but because I loved eating fat foods and plenty of butter and didn’t want to stop and also because I have a preventive nature, I decided that it was time for me to start imitating her husband and to this day my tests have always shown a low level. The dosage that I was using in those years was: three pills a day, each containing 1250 mcg of allicin.

Suspecting that cancer in the human body is triggered by a reaction of the surplus chemicals, that is not naturally and safely absorbed by the body, to daily stress I decided, some ten years ago, to increase my daily dosage to: three pills a day, each containing 2750 mcg of allicin in order to counteract the destroying and deadly effects of that surplus. Am I right or am I wrong to think this way? I don’t know and will probably never know for certain but all I can say is that I think that I’m more right than wrong.

Let me explain the reasons that convinced me to think this way. Four years ago, that is late 2006, a woman who lived in the same building as I was told by her doctor that she had lung cancer. Being of a helping nature and her not being a rich person, I decided to support her during her months of treatment. I would take her to her doctor’s appointments, and to her treatment sessions. I would also take her out for breakfast or supper, or for doughnuts and coffee at times.

One day, during the period that she was administered chemo-therapy treatments, I asked her to ask her doctor if she could take a daily dosage of garlic, not that I thought that it could kill a cancer but rather because I was extremely curious as to what a doctor’s opinion would be on the subject. Well his answer was negative, explaining that it would definitely interfere with the chemicals that he injected into her body. Now, how do you think that that answer was received by my mind? It confirmed a little that my suspicions were right and that I was possibly on the right track. The treatments were unfortunately unsuccessful and the poor lady died on the last day of April, 2007.

Last autumn another woman, also living in the same building as I, was diagnosed with lung cancer and I decided to help her out as I had done for the other one. I’m retired and I have a lot of time to devote to such situations. While she was administered chemo-therapy I asked her to ask her doctor the same question that the other woman asked. The answer, coming from a different doctor, however was the same: garlic would definitely interfere with the chemical products. This second negative answer convinced me even more that I was on the right track. Unfortunately the treatment administered to this second woman didn’t have positive results either and she closed her eyes for the last time one month ago.

The last factor that really convinced me that I’m more right than wrong came to me when I heard Montreal doctor Richard Beliveau recommending, on television, that people use garlic as often as possible in their daily cooking in order to prevent cancer. Man, that was quite a revelation coming from a doctor’s mouth and I’m definitively going to continue believing in the excellent prevention properties of garlic. Wouldn’t you if you were in my place?

What do you think?

Whether you agree with or have an objection to my blog, leave a comment. I’m open to favorable or unfavorable criticism and what you write might enlighten other readers or myself. Thank you.

Take this with you.

The two farmer’s sons had just finished their flying course after joining the air force. One of them suggested to the other that they land on the old man’s farm and that they take him up for a ride in their F18.

At nine o’clock on the next Saturday morning they landed on the farm and offered their father to go flying for a few minutes suggesting that he might like it. They were really surprised when he said yes.

Flying horizontally one of the two boys told his dad that they would imitate a space rocket and headed the jet upwards in a straight line at full speed.

Ounce at the top the other boy said: “ we’re now going to imitate a falling rock “ and pointed the jet downwards straightening it just before they hit land.

After a few minutes one boy looked at his dad and finding his looks to be brave said: “We’re now going to do the drill bit. “

“What’s that? “ Asked the dad.

“We’re going to fly horizontally and turn like a drill bit for a while. “

“Like hell you will. “ The old man said. “You made me shit in my pants going up and you did it again coming down but I’ll be damned if you’re going to make me roll in it. “

Have a swell day, stay relaxed, have a beer and don’t forget: keep smiling. Life is good. Buena la vida. La vie est belle.

Next month’s blog: Religious discrimination.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cancer elimination. Follow the money line.

Someday cancer will be eliminated.

Q. Yes way? No way?

A. No way.

If at any time you were to take a world survey asking: “Which disease would you like to see eliminated from the face of the earth? “ The answer that you would probably receive in a major way would be cancer. Why is that do you think? It’s simply because most of us believe with good reasons that, in general, ounce it gets a hold of you, you’re about as good as dead in a relatively short period of time.

Isn’t it however nice, though, to imagine that someday it would become a reality? Well don’t count on it friends, it will never be. “Why will it never be? “ you ask. Simply because the lips are too far from the cup, that is. “What do you mean? “ is your second question. “Let me explain “ I answer.

Let’s suppose that I’m a bio-chemist and that you’re my boss. Some Monday morning you come into my laboratory and tell me: “ J-P, today I want you to find the answer to the elimination of cancer.” “ Ok boss “ is my answer.

At 4:30 PM that afternoon I walk into your office and hand you a sheet of paper on which is written my findings as to how to eliminate cancer. Instead of looking happy, you rather look sad after having read what I’ve written. Why?

What have I just done? To say quite simply, I’ve eliminated my job and yours. I’ve also done the same with people who supply raw materials to make pills used by cancer sufferers. The people who make the pills and those who sell them at wholesale and retail levels are condemned too. Ditto for the people who manufacture the chemical products used in chemo-therapy and those doctors and nurses who give the treatments.

The people who supply raw materials used in the fabrication of body scanners, those who manufacture them and sell them, and also those ( doctors and nurses ) who use them will inevitably have to stand in the unemployment line in the near future.

Are you starting to get my drift? In other words the cancer wheel is big. It might not be as big as the car manufacturing or the home and office building construction wheels but it’s big, very big. The industry is measured in many, many billions of dollars each year and allows millions of related workers to put food on the table. It’s virtually impossible to eradicate an industry of that size, especially when powerful companies such as the pharmaceuticals are behind it and derive enormous profits from it.

The conclusion to this situation is this: if you’re the type of person who gives money for cancer research, I suggest that you give it instead to organizations that give cancer sufferers physical and moral support. I have a deep feeling that your money would be much better spent in this fashion.

What do you think?

Whether you agree with or have an objection to my blog, leave a comment. I’m open to favorable or unfavorable criticism and what you write might enlighten other readers or myself. Thank you.

Take this with you.

The guy walks into a music store to buy a trumpet and notices that the owner also keeps a line of hand guns.

Curious, he asks the owner why he sells such unrelated lines of merchandise.

“ But they are related my friend. ” The owner says. “ One week someone comes in to buy a trumpet and the following week his neighbor comes in to buy a gun. “

Have a swell day, stay relaxed, have beer and don’t forget: keep smiling. Life is good. Buena la vida. La vie est belle.

Next month’s blog. Cancer prevention.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fatherly love. Forget father god's love.

All fathers love their children.

Q. Yes way? No way?
A. No way.

As a rule men who have reached maturity decide at one moment in their life that it would be a good idea for them to start a family.After finding the woman of their dreams they normally don't lose any time in having her pregnant and ounce the child is born it's sometimes funny to watch those new fathers on the first time that they take that frail, small baby in their arms, perhaps fearful of dropping it or to hurt it in any way. At certain times you'll see them acting like kids when talking to or playing with the pride of his life. Those men are very happy and also very thankful to their mates for making them what they now are: brand new and very happy, proud dads.

It won't be a surprise to anyone to see them push the baby in a stroller around the neighborhood or to play with the child on the front lawn. And when their child has reached the proper age, you'll more than likely see them helping him or her to learn how to ride a bike. They'll also take their child to dance classes or baseball or football games and practices according to the child's gender or preference.

Most fathers are very protective of their precious children and would go to any lenght to make sure that nothing bad happens to them. Unfortunately there are always the exceptions to the rule and, in some cases, some just don't give a damn about what happens to them or worse, some go as far as to violently hurt them or sadly, even, kill them.

In order to understand exactly what I mean I invite you to read and reflect on the following text which is an extract from an unpublished manuscript called: " The legend of Jesus ", copyright 2008, by Jean-Paul Gosselin.

We've been told since we were small children that the god in the bible story is the ever-loving father of all human beings.

If he really is what we've been told that he is why then did he save only four people from Sodom and Gomorrah? Why did he burn thousands of six months old babies and six year old children and everyone in between?

When the god of the bible caused the worldwide deluge to happen why did he save the cats, the dogs, the monkeys and only eight people and drowned millions of six month old babies and six year old children and everyone in between? Why? Why? What did those children do to him that deserved to be exterminated in such a cruel. senseless and atrocious manner?

Would any loving parents in their right mind burn or drown their own cherished children for any reason at all?

It's for you to judge Pauline.

What do you think?

Whether you agree with or have an objection to my blog, leave a comment. I’m open to favorable or unfavorable criticism and what you write might enlighten other readers or myself. Thank you.

Take this with you.

Two women were working on their developping freindship when one asked the other if she was married.
" I'm a three-time widow " the second one answered.
" wow " was the first woman's reaction. "What did the first one die of? " She asked.
" From eating poisonned mushrooms ". She said.
" Ah, and the second one? "
" From eating poisonned mushrooms ". Was her second answer.
" I suppose that the third one died fron eating poisonned mushrooms as well " stated the first woman.
" No " answered the widow." He died from a skull fracture "
" Was he in a car accident? "
" No, he didn't want to eat his poisonned mushrooms "

Have a swell day, stay relaxed, have a beer and don't forget; keep smiling. Life is good. Buena la vida. La vie est belle.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fortune tellers. Don't get taken.

This month's blog is dedicated to the many people who strongly and convincingly believe that some people can truly predict what will happen to them in the future and who give hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars each year to those quacks. The purpose of this blog is to help you rid youselves of your expensive addiction.

Some people can tell the future.
Q. Yes way? No way?
A. No way.

I can tell your future. For instance I can tell you that if you press a loaded gun to your head and that you pull the trigger, that you'll be dead in a question of minutes or perhaps seconds. I can also tell you that if you jump into a pool of water filled with alligators that you won't be around to tell your grand children about it but these are obvious situations and are therefor easy to predict.
There are about six billions of us two-legged creatures, called humans, on earth at the moment. If I were to calculate ten percent of one percent I would end up with an estimate of six million people who claim to be fortune tellers of all kinds. If I'm wrong with this figure I'm inclined to think that it's probably that the number is too low. Their methods vary from crystal ball readind to card reading and to an additionnal variety of tricks to lure the unaware and gullible into their financial net.

Can you only imagine what the results would have been if only one of those quacks had been able to predict the tsunami of December 26th, 2004 that killed one quarter of a million people in Asia? Every country president, prime minister or dictator would have since knocked his door down and offerred him large sums of money so that he would enlighten them on what to do and not to do in order to succeed. To this list you can add actors, actresses, company presidents and anybody else with money. The guy would have become a billionnaire in less time than it took Tiger Woods to do it. BUT NO ONE WAS ABLE TO PREDICT IT ! Hum. Doesn't this mean that no one, but no one , can tell the future? You can bet your boots that it does.

Is what you've just read starting to ring a bell in your believer's head? I certainly hope that it does and that reading this blog will be your first step towards stopping giving your hard earned money to those fraudulant operators. Reflect on it and I wish you good luck in your efforts to stop believing whatever lies that those crooks tell you.

What do you think?

© 2010 Jean-Paul Gosselin

Whether you agree with or have an objection to my blog, leave a comment. I’m open to favorable or unfavorable criticism and what you write might enlighten other readers or myself. Thank you.

Take this with you!

A guy , too lazy to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, is having a leak through his bedroom window when at one point, the window falls on his penis. What song does that remind him of?

There's a blue bird on my window sill.

Have a swell day, relax, have a beer and don't forget: keep smiling. Life is good. Boena la vida. La vie est belle.

Next month's blog: Fatherly love.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Noah's ark. An unbelievable story.

Noah built an ark

Q. Yes way? No way?

A. No way.

In general the human mind is always ready to listen to a story. From the time that we were small children and for the rest of our lives we are suckers for good stories coming from our parents, friends, books, magazines or television and radio news readers. We normally and generally accept them as being the truth, without doubting or questioning, simply because we have no reason not to believe the teller. However if, at a later date, we decide to scrutinize the details we can sometimes conclude that what we were told simply wasn't and can't be the truth.

Noah's story is one of those and to better understand what I mean I invite you to read the following text which is an extract from an unpublished manuscript called: ' The legend of Jesus ',copyright 2008 by Jean-Paul Gosselin

The ark

If one man was ever given the small end of the stick and who needed the union in the shop, in the bible story, it was no one else but Noah.

The man, it is written, was ordered by god to build a three hundred cubits or five hundred feet long by fifty cubits or eighty-three feet wide and thirty cubits or fifty feet high boat and to fill the cracks between the planks with pitch, inside and out. He also had to fill the bottom section with stone ballast for proper stability on water, build three decks divided into stalls and add a cover on top of all this. That boat had to be built using gopher wood which had yet to be harvested, cut into planks and dried.

Furthermore the man had to go to the arctic to coax a couple of ferocious polar bears to follow him to Antarctica to pick two cute penguins and to Arizona to bag two deadly rattle snakes. His hasty travels also took him to India for a pair of man-eating tigers, to Kenya where he found elephants and to many other places on earth. In order to properly take care of that menagerie he had to gather an enormous amount of feed that would last for the period of time that they would be in the ark.

One of the last things that Noah had to do before it started to rain was to make a half-dozen shovels to be used to throw the manure overboard if he didn't want to end up knee-deep in it after spending three hundred and seventy-five days in the ark.

And according to the story, god had told him that all that work had to be done in seven days. Boy what a contract that was. The man could have been given a break don't you think? He was six hundred years old after all!

Did Noah really build his ark as the bible wants us to believe?

It's for you to judge Pauline.

Reference: The Holy Bible. Authorized ( King James ) version.

What do you think?

Whether you agree with or have an objection to my blog, leave a comment. I’m open to favorable or unfavorable criticism and what you write might enlighten other readers or myself. Thank you.

Take this with you.

If a male sheep is called a ram and a male donkey is called an ass, why is a ram in the ass called a goose?

Have a swell day, stay relaxed, have a beer and don't forget: keep smiling. Life is good. Buena la vida. La vie est belle.

Happy new year to all.

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