Monday, August 1, 2011

Temporary insanity my ass.

         A person can be insane for thirty minutes or one hour.

Q. Yes way?   No way?

A. No way.

On July 5th, 2011, on the same day that Casey Anthony was found not guilty in Florida of killing her young daughter, doctor Guy Turcotte was declared, in Montreal, not criminallyresponsible of stabbing his two young children to death. The man pleaded guilty to his actions and took the stand on his own behalf.

The man is a doctor, a cardiologist. He is therefore, in most people’s eyes, an intelligent and diligent person but he’s also a mean calculating bastard who should have never been recognized: not criminally responsible for his actions, for reason of temporary insanity.

In his testimony he said that he also wanted to commit suicide. The man is a doctor who knows exactly what sort of drug will kill him instantly and, not only that, those drugs were readily available to him at his place of work. All he had to do was to bring some home on that sad day. Instead, he supposedly tried to commit suicide by drinking car windshield washing liquid. In other words he wanted to punish his wife for having an affair with a family friend and also wanted to live in order to see her suffer.

Before killing his children he brought them to rent films at a video shop and looked and acted very normally on the shop’s security video. He let them watch the films and then put them to bed. Afterwards, according to his testimony, he proceeded to drink a certain amount of the windshield washing liquid, just enough to make himself sick. At eight pm. he went into the children’s bedroom and stabbed one child seventeen times and the other twenty-nine times. Twenty-seven minutes later he called the baby-sitter to tell her that her services wouldn’t be required on the following day and called his realty agent to cancel a forthcoming meeting.

At eight thirty-five he called his mother and talked to her during one complete hour. Now does that really sound to you like a man who wants to commit suicide. Absolutely not, it sounds like a man who did what he wanted to do, that is punishing his wife, and who didn’t have any real plan to commit suicide, as he claimed.

By taking the stand at his own trial the bastard planned everything so that, with his own sob story and the favorable testimonies of the psychiatrists hired for his defense, the members of the jury would lean in his favor. He cried, said that he loved his children very much and said that he was remorseful for their deaths. He also said that the reason that he killed them was that he didn’t want them to find him dead on the next morning And that’s exactly what has happened. That dozen idiots found him “not criminally responsible” for the death of his loving children.

As normal, law abiding, morally and mentally stable members of our society what should we be lead to think of a justice system that allows such garbage to fall through the cracks? The answer is not much and the worst thing is that we can’t, as ordinary citizens, do anything about it. But there’s one man who can (I can’t remember what the name of his position is) and he does. He’s decided to appeal the verdict in appeals court. I wish that man good luck from the bottom of my heart.

What do you think?

N.B. Next month’s article will deal with jurors.

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