Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Animal abusers. (Veterinarians are the worst culprits).

Veterinarians make your pets sick.

Q. Yes way? No way?

A. Yes way.

I was born in 1941 at a time when pet shops were a thing of the future and dogs and cats didn’t cost a penny. One day a child would walk into the house accompanied by a friend, a cousin or the neighbor lady who was holding a recently born puppy or kitten and the negotiating started with his mother. “Yes Mom I’ll look well after it, I’ll feed it and pick up after it and it won’t bother you at night, it will sleep with me. Can I, Mom, can I keep it? can I? Can I?” That’s simply the way that things happened in those days.  And using this method some families often ended up with two dogs, three cats and sometimes, a couple of white mice. Quite a menagerie you’ll say. Quite a menagerie it was indeed.

Those pets became, as they do today, outright members of the family. They sat with us at their preferred place which was normally someone’s lap, they ate with us whatever table scraps that we could feed them, including the food that we kids didn’t like and they slept with us. Those animals lived with us and vice versa. We enjoyed them and they enjoyed and appreciated us just as much.

In those days a veterinarian was, for us, a cow and horse doctor who lived somewhere far away, in the country. None of us had ever seen one. Our pets never saw one either in all of their lives and didn’t even receive so much as a rabies shot, let alone all the chemical shit that modern veterinarians inject in today’s domestic animals, your animals.

Our pets didn’t eat all the garbage pet food in existence today. At best there was one brand of canned cat food on the market if my memory can be trusted. In any way, cats and dogs were never meant to eat little balls of cereals or little balls of this or little balls of that. If the family had roast beef or roast pork for supper they had the same. Cats and dogs were always meant to eat natural animal meat products, carrots, potatoes, etc… just like us, in order to be healthy and strong animals. This has been the rule for thousands of years and should still be the rule today. Throughout those years pet animals have led long and happy lives doing just that.

Because there are absolutely no regulations or laws controlling the amount of chemicals that can be injected into animals the situation has become a free for all for veterinarians. At any and every opportunity that they have those guys suggest to shoot your pet with something that has a strange name and that is harmful to it. In order to exactly understand what I’m trying to make you aware of, you must first realize that being a veterinarian today means to be in business. To be in business means to reach a level of sales that guarantees the success of the enterprise. It also involves making sure that sales increase every year. A lady veterinarian who writes a weekly article in the local newspaper even incites people to bring their pet to the clinic once a year. DON’T DO THAT. If your animal looks OK, it means that it is OK. THOSE PEOPLE HAVE A LICENCE TO EVENTALLY KILL YOUR PET ANIMAL.

One veterinarian from around here was even able to convince a woman that tap water, the same that I’ve been drinking for years, can make her dog sick and suggested that she buy the bottled water that he offers for sale. He’s either a first class salesman or she’s the dumbest lady that I’ve ever heard of. I sometimes wonder as to how many others he has successfully convinced to buy that water that he probably takes from the tap and bottles himself.

If you want your cherished cat or dog to live a long and happy life without dying from cancer, I suggest that you keep it away from any veterinarian, for its own sake. It might not be a bad idea to seriously reflect on what you’ve just read and give your pet a chance at a good, long, happy and healthy life. Good luck.

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The businessman said, "Just put them in an envelope and mail them to the Internal Revenue Service and write on the envelope, "Now you have everything." 

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