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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cancer elimination. Follow the money line.

Someday cancer will be eliminated.

Q. Yes way? No way?

A. No way.

If at any time you were to take a world survey asking: “Which disease would you like to see eliminated from the face of the earth? “ The answer that you would probably receive in a major way would be cancer. Why is that do you think? It’s simply because most of us believe with good reasons that, in general, ounce it gets a hold of you, you’re about as good as dead in a relatively short period of time.

Isn’t it however nice, though, to imagine that someday it would become a reality? Well don’t count on it friends, it will never be. “Why will it never be? “ you ask. Simply because the lips are too far from the cup, that is. “What do you mean? “ is your second question. “Let me explain “ I answer.

Let’s suppose that I’m a bio-chemist and that you’re my boss. Some Monday morning you come into my laboratory and tell me: “ J-P, today I want you to find the answer to the elimination of cancer.” “ Ok boss “ is my answer.

At 4:30 PM that afternoon I walk into your office and hand you a sheet of paper on which is written my findings as to how to eliminate cancer. Instead of looking happy, you rather look sad after having read what I’ve written. Why?

What have I just done? To say quite simply, I’ve eliminated my job and yours. I’ve also done the same with people who supply raw materials to make pills used by cancer sufferers. The people who make the pills and those who sell them at wholesale and retail levels are condemned too. Ditto for the people who manufacture the chemical products used in chemo-therapy and those doctors and nurses who give the treatments.

The people who supply raw materials used in the fabrication of body scanners, those who manufacture them and sell them, and also those ( doctors and nurses ) who use them will inevitably have to stand in the unemployment line in the near future.

Are you starting to get my drift? In other words the cancer wheel is big. It might not be as big as the car manufacturing or the home and office building construction wheels but it’s big, very big. The industry is measured in many, many billions of dollars each year and allows millions of related workers to put food on the table. It’s virtually impossible to eradicate an industry of that size, especially when powerful companies such as the pharmaceuticals are behind it and derive enormous profits from it.

The conclusion to this situation is this: if you’re the type of person who gives money for cancer research, I suggest that you give it instead to organizations that give cancer sufferers physical and moral support. I have a deep feeling that your money would be much better spent in this fashion.

What do you think?

Whether you agree with or have an objection to my blog, leave a comment. I’m open to favorable or unfavorable criticism and what you write might enlighten other readers or myself. Thank you.

Take this with you.

The guy walks into a music store to buy a trumpet and notices that the owner also keeps a line of hand guns.

Curious, he asks the owner why he sells such unrelated lines of merchandise.

“ But they are related my friend. ” The owner says. “ One week someone comes in to buy a trumpet and the following week his neighbor comes in to buy a gun. “

Have a swell day, stay relaxed, have beer and don’t forget: keep smiling. Life is good. Buena la vida. La vie est belle.

Next month’s blog. Cancer prevention.