Sunday, November 29, 2009

African/American. The real definition.


Q. Yes way? No way?

A.  No way.

If an Africa born person of black or white skin immigrates to the U.S.A. he or she automatically becomes an African immigrant. Supposing that he or she later obtains American citizenship, he or she is then considered to be an African/American, that is ; African by birth and American by choice. However, all of his or her descendants are not African/Americans but rather; Americans of African descent. It makes a big difference with today's commonly and loosely used terminology.

Journalists, television and radio news readers, community leaders, and Oprah take heed.

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A young woman tells her doctor: ' I think that I've got water in my boobs '
' What makes you say this? ' he asked.
' Every time that my boyfriend plays with them, my panties get wet ' she answered.

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