Monday, March 1, 2010

Fortune tellers. Don't get taken.

This month's blog is dedicated to the many people who strongly and convincingly believe that some people can truly predict what will happen to them in the future and who give hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars each year to those quacks. The purpose of this blog is to help you rid youselves of your expensive addiction.

Some people can tell the future.
Q. Yes way? No way?
A. No way.

I can tell your future. For instance I can tell you that if you press a loaded gun to your head and that you pull the trigger, that you'll be dead in a question of minutes or perhaps seconds. I can also tell you that if you jump into a pool of water filled with alligators that you won't be around to tell your grand children about it but these are obvious situations and are therefor easy to predict.
There are about six billions of us two-legged creatures, called humans, on earth at the moment. If I were to calculate ten percent of one percent I would end up with an estimate of six million people who claim to be fortune tellers of all kinds. If I'm wrong with this figure I'm inclined to think that it's probably that the number is too low. Their methods vary from crystal ball readind to card reading and to an additionnal variety of tricks to lure the unaware and gullible into their financial net.

Can you only imagine what the results would have been if only one of those quacks had been able to predict the tsunami of December 26th, 2004 that killed one quarter of a million people in Asia? Every country president, prime minister or dictator would have since knocked his door down and offerred him large sums of money so that he would enlighten them on what to do and not to do in order to succeed. To this list you can add actors, actresses, company presidents and anybody else with money. The guy would have become a billionnaire in less time than it took Tiger Woods to do it. BUT NO ONE WAS ABLE TO PREDICT IT ! Hum. Doesn't this mean that no one, but no one , can tell the future? You can bet your boots that it does.

Is what you've just read starting to ring a bell in your believer's head? I certainly hope that it does and that reading this blog will be your first step towards stopping giving your hard earned money to those fraudulant operators. Reflect on it and I wish you good luck in your efforts to stop believing whatever lies that those crooks tell you.

What do you think?

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There's a blue bird on my window sill.

Have a swell day, relax, have a beer and don't forget: keep smiling. Life is good. Boena la vida. La vie est belle.

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