Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cancer prevention. (Who knows? It might work.)

Cancer can be prevented.

Q. Yes way? No way? Maybe way?

A. Maybe way.

Some twenty years ago a group of coworkers, of which I was part, was having supper at a restaurant. Sitting next to me was a woman who told me that her husband had had a heart attack a few months back. She went on to tell me that his level of bad cholesterol was very high and that he had started taking daily doses of garlic pills in order to lower that level.

I didn’t have a high level of bad cholesterol in my blood but because I loved eating fat foods and plenty of butter and didn’t want to stop and also because I have a preventive nature, I decided that it was time for me to start imitating her husband and to this day my tests have always shown a low level. The dosage that I was using in those years was: three pills a day, each containing 1250 mcg of allicin.

Suspecting that cancer in the human body is triggered by a reaction of the surplus chemicals, that is not naturally and safely absorbed by the body, to daily stress I decided, some ten years ago, to increase my daily dosage to: three pills a day, each containing 2750 mcg of allicin in order to counteract the destroying and deadly effects of that surplus. Am I right or am I wrong to think this way? I don’t know and will probably never know for certain but all I can say is that I think that I’m more right than wrong.

Let me explain the reasons that convinced me to think this way. Four years ago, that is late 2006, a woman who lived in the same building as I was told by her doctor that she had lung cancer. Being of a helping nature and her not being a rich person, I decided to support her during her months of treatment. I would take her to her doctor’s appointments, and to her treatment sessions. I would also take her out for breakfast or supper, or for doughnuts and coffee at times.

One day, during the period that she was administered chemo-therapy treatments, I asked her to ask her doctor if she could take a daily dosage of garlic, not that I thought that it could kill a cancer but rather because I was extremely curious as to what a doctor’s opinion would be on the subject. Well his answer was negative, explaining that it would definitely interfere with the chemicals that he injected into her body. Now, how do you think that that answer was received by my mind? It confirmed a little that my suspicions were right and that I was possibly on the right track. The treatments were unfortunately unsuccessful and the poor lady died on the last day of April, 2007.

Last autumn another woman, also living in the same building as I, was diagnosed with lung cancer and I decided to help her out as I had done for the other one. I’m retired and I have a lot of time to devote to such situations. While she was administered chemo-therapy I asked her to ask her doctor the same question that the other woman asked. The answer, coming from a different doctor, however was the same: garlic would definitely interfere with the chemical products. This second negative answer convinced me even more that I was on the right track. Unfortunately the treatment administered to this second woman didn’t have positive results either and she closed her eyes for the last time one month ago.

The last factor that really convinced me that I’m more right than wrong came to me when I heard Montreal doctor Richard Beliveau recommending, on television, that people use garlic as often as possible in their daily cooking in order to prevent cancer. Man, that was quite a revelation coming from a doctor’s mouth and I’m definitively going to continue believing in the excellent prevention properties of garlic. Wouldn’t you if you were in my place?

What do you think?

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Take this with you.

The two farmer’s sons had just finished their flying course after joining the air force. One of them suggested to the other that they land on the old man’s farm and that they take him up for a ride in their F18.

At nine o’clock on the next Saturday morning they landed on the farm and offered their father to go flying for a few minutes suggesting that he might like it. They were really surprised when he said yes.

Flying horizontally one of the two boys told his dad that they would imitate a space rocket and headed the jet upwards in a straight line at full speed.

Ounce at the top the other boy said: “ we’re now going to imitate a falling rock “ and pointed the jet downwards straightening it just before they hit land.

After a few minutes one boy looked at his dad and finding his looks to be brave said: “We’re now going to do the drill bit. “

“What’s that? “ Asked the dad.

“We’re going to fly horizontally and turn like a drill bit for a while. “

“Like hell you will. “ The old man said. “You made me shit in my pants going up and you did it again coming down but I’ll be damned if you’re going to make me roll in it. “

Have a swell day, stay relaxed, have a beer and don’t forget: keep smiling. Life is good. Buena la vida. La vie est belle.

Next month’s blog: Religious discrimination.

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