Sunday, August 1, 2010

Clean your house. (Protect your children, they can't do it.)

You should keep your house clean.

Q. Yes way? No way?

A, yes way.

Most of us like to live in a clean, pleasant environment and that’s why we should make an effort to keep our house in that state but don’t sterilize it, it’s not a hospital operating room.

If we believe the television adds by the makers of CLR and Lysol all of us, in order to be healthy, should live in a bacteria and microbe free home. They recommend us to clean the kitchen, kitchen table and the bathroom with their disinfecting chemical products but have you looked closely at the hands using CLR in those adds? THEY WEAR RUBBER GLOVES and it’s recommended on the bottle to wear them. What should that instantly tell you? KEEP THAT SHIT OUT OF YOUR HOUSE.

Whenever you use a chemical product on any surface it leaves a film of that product on the surface that you’ve just supposedly cleaned. Have you ever watched your child when he or she decides to have a slice of bread with peanut butter? He or she will take the bread and place it directly on the counter or the table that has that chemical film on it. The product is transferred onto the bread and absorbed by your child. The product is also transferred to the child’s skin where he has touched the surface and immediately goes into his bloodstreams through his skin pores or through his mouth if he puts his fingers into it or on his eyes if he rubs them. The same thing happens whenever he touches those shiny water taps that you’re so proud of in the kitchen and the bathroom. Unintentionally, YOU’RE SCREWING UP YOUR CHILD’S HEALTH.

Whenever your kitchen counter or table or bathroom vanity need to be washed, use a mild dishwashing soap and water and it does the trick. If it only needs to be wiped use a damp cloth.

If you want a shiny kitchen sink or water taps use cleansing powder. It works fine and you end up with the desired results without putting your children’s health and yours in danger.

The makers of Lysol put so much emphasis on and are so aggressive about germs versus kids that I wouldn’t be surprised at all to, one day, hear them recommend us to bathe our children in their product.

Think of it sensibly, cavemen used a stone or the ground as a table and none of them died because of germs present there and when I was a kid in the nineteen forties the two products that I recommend were all that we had and kids were all very healthy.

I invite you to THINK TWICE about it when you decide to use chemical products in your kitchen or bathroom or the rest of your house. Think first of your children’s health. Good luck.

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