Friday, July 1, 2011

Women discrimination. (You can only blame the bible ladies).

  1. The bible discriminates against women.
 Q. Yes way? No way?

 A. Yes way.

Case number one: On a fine Sunday afternoon, after working hard for six days creating the earth, the imaginary god of the bible was sitting in his reclining chair drinking a good cold beer when he looked down at his work and noticed that the Adam guy was displaying a fine penal erection and strange behavior, by sneaking up to that little white goat from behind. “Oops” he said to himself. “I gave the lion his lioness, the tiger his tigress but I completely FORGOT to give Adam his Adamess.” So, we’re told, he reached down and grabbed one of Adam’s ribs with one hand and a handful of soil with the other, made a ball of all of that and threw it back to earth and pop, woman was invented, after man of course. The story goes on to say that; “man is the fruit of god and that woman is the fruit of man.” And if you read a little further, in chapter five, it’s written that god told Eve: “and thy desire shall be to thy husband and HE SHALL RULE OVER THEE.”

Case number two: The old bearded, deeply complexed man or men who wrote the old testament of that book didn’t give Adam enough judgment to figure out by himself in which hole his penis went but instead pushed discrimination even farther by pretending that a virgin insisted to have sex with a man. A virgin to whom the pleasures of sex were totally unknown? That’s pushing things a little far, isn’t it? But it’s not the end of the story. Following their game of “legs in the air “ it’s written that god told Adam: “Control the woman”. Well girls let me tell you that the orthodox jews took those words seriously and decided that their women’s place is in the house in order to make it a pleasant home and to cook great meals and it’s still the norm today for those guys. On the other hand, some muslins flipped completely on their heads and made their women “prisoners” of their homes. Not to be outdone, the priests of the catholic church, from their pulpits during Sunday mass, used to tell women that they were not allowed to sexually refuse their husband and women are still prohibited from becoming and will probably never be able to become priests because they’re considered as second class citizens by that church. What do you think of this shit?   

Another fine example of discrimination is found when we’re told that Sarah, Abraham’s wife, was unable to give her husband a child. They don’t suppose that the ninety-four year old fart might have been impotent, no. They put the blame on her by saying that she couldn’t have babies, that she was sterile.

A little further in the story we’re told that, after running away from burning Sodom and believing that they were the only people left on earth, Lot’s daughters waited until their father fell asleep from drinking before having sex with him, in order to repopulate the earth. Has it ever come to some jew’s or christian’s mind that it’s a fact of life that physically, it’s totally impossible for a dead drunk man to have an erection? Should it instead have been written that Lot committed incest on his daughters? Does the bible say that he was punished for his vile actions? Of course not, the blame had already been put on his daughters.

Who was finger-pointed for cutting Samson’s hair, thus robbing him of his extraordinary strength at the same time? Good old Delilah of course. And the girl became known as the first lady barber in the history of man.

Guess who asked for John the Baptist’s head on a platter. You guessed right, a woman, king Herod’s niece.

Jazebel is simply called a whore and in order to make things a little different they called Mary Magdelene a prostitute. Both words are synonymous with instigation to illicit sexual activities.  Bad, bad girls.

The only women about whom the writers of the new testament didn’t say anything bad are Mary and her mother Anne. They wrote unbelievable things about Mary but although they didn’t write anything bad, as they did about other women in both testaments, they didn’t write anything good either. In fact, for a supposedly good woman and JC’s mother, they wrote very little about her.

Ladies perhaps you should reflect intensely on this article because one of the most read book, in the entire world, discriminates a lot against women and if you’ve had a lot of ground to catch up with, it’s entirely due to that book and to nothing else. That book of which we’re told teaches love and charity, in reality, teaches prejudice and nothing but prejudice. It blames women so much for sexual temptation that it puts her on the same level as the so-called satan, hence the control of man over woman from the very beginning. Except for Mary, the story has nothing good to say about every single woman who is mentioned in it.

In my eyes woman is probably the prettiest and most sensitive of the earth’s inhabitants but the bible has taken away all of her incentive, dignity, self-respect and pride. Although it’s called the good book, it doesn’t impress me one dam bit in that sense. Keep on fighting for your rights as you’ve done in the past but please don’t act as enraged feminists do. I’ve always felt that acting nicely and in a civilized manner will get you everything that you seek and, don’t forget, men have been superbly brainwashed and extremely well programmed by priests, ministers rabbis and imams for so many years that you don’t turn that ship on a dime. Good luck girls all over the world.

© 2011 Jean-Paul Gosselin

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Can you believe what people do in church these days?

I was in the church listening to the priest's sermon when I saw a guy smoking a cigarette.

I was so amazed that I almost dropped my bottle of beer.

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  1. My family is Jewish Orthodox. I'm not religious in the slightest, nor do I believe in religion or god. It happens that in my family, it's 50/50, though I know that there are many Orthodox families where the man is in charge. In Judaism, as well as the other religions that have that mentality, it's just a bunch of thousands year old bullshit that got written down as the word of God, so all of a sudden, it's ok for men to be assholes. We're all people and, as people, we should all have the same rights.

  2. Thanks Eli for sharing your opinion. I particularly like your last sentence. Be happy, man.